Why choose us?


  •  Krafted Kitchens has a few company rules we like to live by, which has served us and our clients well over the last 35 years.


1. Transparency between us and our clients throughout the whole stage from quoting to installation.


2. Reasonable pricing: We don't adjust the price of quotes depending on the size of your house or what suburb you live in.


3. Never make promises you can't deliver.



  • We  provide good quality kitchens and cabinets for a reasonable price by:


1. Investing in the best computerised automated machinery possible which keeps the labour component of  a kitchen as low as possible, which produces a lower cost to produce a kitchen.


2. Not having multiple showrooms and sales people staffing them


3. Having qualified cabinet makers quoting your kitchen, as only they have a true understanding of how long it takes to produce a kitchen.



  • We always try to make the time from when your old kitchen gets ripped out to when your new kitchen is up and running to be as little as possible, this is achieved by implementing a good project management strategy for each kitchen. 


  • Lastly our main aim is for our clients to be happy and satisfied with not only their kitchen but also the service and process of dealing with our company, our best sales tool has always been word of mouth referrals, which makes up most of the clients we make kitchens in Melbourne for. 






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