Blum corner drawers - advantages vs disadvantages

Blum corner drawer certainly are an impressive product. As usual Blum are light years ahead in terms of innovation compared to rival companies. We have been putting more and more of these in kitchens, especially in some of the inner suburbs of Melbourne. They are a neat way of gaining access to the back of the corner in your kitchen where normally you would have a corner cabinet or a blind corner. While there are few disadvantages with this product, what most people don't realise is that you do lose some storage space with it. It's only a guess but I would say you would lose around 30% of space due to the restrictions of having drawer in the corner like this. But in saying this I personally think you gain about the same amount back in the fact that drawers can store more items than a standard cabinet with 1 shelf. When selecting this product for your kitchen it's worth thinking about where else are you going to store some of the bigger items that aren't used that often that normally gets stored in a corner cabinet. If you have some other cabinet in mind for these items, I no hesitation in recommending Blum corner drawers

blum corner drawers.jpg

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