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At Krafted Kitchens we realise that everyone has different tastes in style and design. Each different kitchen style has it's advantages and disadvantages. When our kitchen designer comes to your home he will work out what exact style you are after even if you are not quiet sure what you are after. It's also a matter of assessing the era, design and style of your home. Kitchen styles can be seperated into 3 different groups.


  •  Contemporary  has a bit of a modern feel but also with some old world charm


  • Modern  keeps up with todays styles normally has lots of internal hardware, drawers and wire ware and really makes your home feel like a brand new one


  • Traditional is great because it still will be in fashion and appreciated in 20 years. To be honest this style really lets a cabinet maker show of their skills

The best idea for working out what style suits you and your home is to have a look at some interior design websites. I think houzz is a great website that you could spend hours on. Another great website for out of the box ideas is spaced, it has lots of pictures to view




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