Bench tops

Bench tops in kitchens really need to be thought about thoroughly when being selected. All bench tops are sourced from suppliers from around Melbourne. Stone benchtops give a very high end look that is very durable and easy to clean. Laminate benchtops are very hardwearing and easy to clean but doesn't look quiet as natural, although some of our clients prefer laminate benchtops over stone benchtops. We almost always use laminate benchtops when making laundries and walk in pantries.  Timber and stainless steel benchtops are used occasionally, but most of the time they are used to achieve a certain style, both very nice and durable products


Laminate postform benchtops of are the most economical of all benchtops. There are 100's of colours to choose from. You can choose a variety of finishes from a flat finish to a high gloss finish. There are a number of edge profile to choose from.


This surface is by far the most popular of all benchtops. It gives a high end look, but at a more affordable price than natural stone benchtops. It is hard wearing with many colours to choose from. The stone is 20mm thick but it is possible to build up benchtops is almost any thickness you desire. Most of our clients choose a 40mm thick benchtop.



Granite and marble bench tops are normally the most expensive of all benchtops. Every benchtop has a unique pattern. If you are really looking for the most high end of kitchens then this is the benchtop for you. Most clients go down to our suppliers and hand pick the slab of granite or marble 


Solid timber benchtops can give a modern look or a traditional look on your kitchen. It comes in various thicknesses and species. Some of our clients like to have a stone benchtop with a solid timer island bar to mix it up.

Check out this Caesar Stone video for some inspiration

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